Rebuilding and reinventing

Rebuilding and reinventing

Middletown Framing has celebrated four decades of serving clients with high-end art framing services, but the journey hasn’t been entirely smooth.

In February 2011, amid a relentless winter of record snow accumulation, several roofs of older buildings on historic Main Street in Middletown simply couldn’t hold any more. Middletown Framing was among the numerous victims of roof cave-ins.

Dmitri D’Alessandro was quoted in The New York Times during that calamity: “We’re on the brink,” he said. “This could destroy our business. As a family, it’s been very stressful for us, and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. And that uncertainty is unnerving. It’s just an awful feeling.”

However, the dreams of Middletown Framing’s owners did not crumble along with the roof on that devastating day in 2011. Instead, Dmitri and Rusa saw this tragedy as an opportunity to rebuild and reinvent Middletown Framing.

They moved into a new, more spacious location across the street. The new location offered an opportunity to expand their inventory of frames and even begin to host art shows and other special art events in Middletown. Since that time, the business has continued to grow and serve a broader client base in Middletown and surrounding towns.